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Molecular Properties Lab

Acidity, Polarity, Magnetism, Density, Volume, and more!

Kids will learn and apply a basic understanding of various molecular properties: pH, polarity, magnetism, density, and volume. We start by testing the pH of different food items and discussing how their pH affects their taste. We will then discuss polarity by looking at the relationship between polar and non-polar solutions.


We will then apply that knowledge into our observations of density by making rainbow syringe and a homemade lava lamp. Next, we will discuss volume, and learn how certain things can have their volume manipulated, while others cannot. We will do this, in part, by making a square bubble and changing it’s size and shape. Lastly, if time permits, we will make a crowd pleaser—magnetic slime! I always finish each of my labs with a quick quiz that indicates what each student has learned!

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Perfect for all ages!

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