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Neurons and Reflexes Lab: Inner_about

Protein Synthesis Activity

Diving in to the fundamentals of the cell

Protein synthesis is sometimes complicated for kids to grasp. It involves almost every part of a cell, and requires them to use their knowledge of chemistry and biology to understand all of the moving parts. In this activity, students will be given different manipulates to help diagram the process of protein synthesis. Students will then link that diagram to an analogy that helps them remember the processes that take place.


Lastly, students will take a look at what happens when protein synthesis does not go according to plan. Students will learn how a point mutation in red blood cells cause a disorder called sickle cell anemia. Students will interact with a Java program that simulates how a change in one amino acid can cause a dramatic difference in a protein’s structure and function. I always finish each of my labs with a quiz that indicates what each student has learned!

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