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Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Diving in to the fundamentals of Chemical Properties

Explore all of the fun things bubbles can teach you in this lab! We’ll learn how matter is made of solids, liquids, and gases. We’ll then see how gases actually do take up space by…you guessed it: playing with bubbles. We’ll use our measuring skills to make a homemade extra-crazy bubble solution, and then blow different sized bubbles to see what all we can accomplish. What kind of environment do bubbles thrive in? How big can we make our bubbles? What keeps a bubble from popping? Can I blow a bubble inside another bubble? Can I cut a bubble? All of these questions and more! Kids will learn how the scientific method works with these hands on experiments.


Next, we will experiment with different gases inside bubbles. We’ll see what happens if we try to capture carbon dioxide gas and nitrogen gas in bubble form. Will it float? How big until it pops? How much gas will be produced?


Lastly, we’ll try our hand making MASSIVE bubbles with homemade bubble wands. We’ll see all of the colors that are refracted and reflected in bubbles, and learn about why a bubble always wants to be a circle.

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